Bringing a touch of the wild to your home

AkeeraBengal  breeds for Health, Appearance and Temperament

Our breeding cats are registered with and shown in CCA, CFA and TICA


We take every effort to help ensure healthy kittens by genetically screening for PK Deficiency and PRA-B as well as screening for Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).  Since Bengals are a cross-breed, breeders should be diligent and be aware of all illnesses affecting all breeds used to create them. Bengals are known to be affected by  these illnesses.

We take the additional steps to blood type our breeding cats.

Don't just ask if others screen - ask them to show you the reports.  Don't be shy or embarrassed... We need to stop unethical breeders.


We regularly attend cat shows ~ where our cats always come home with ribbons!  Our very own AkeeraBengal Aurora of Bengallys is Canada's Best Bengal Kitten in 2015/2016 - she is also the Third Best Kitten in Canada!  No easy feat!!

We breed rosetted bengals in Brown/Golden; Silver and Snow kittens.


We have kittens available year-round.

Pet pricing starts from $3,500+ for pets and $5,500+ for breeder/show kittens.


Our kittens are first come - first served.  Aurora was first selected as a pet kitten.  When the pet parents changed their mind she was placed as a breeding/show girl and became Canada's Best Bengal Kitten!

Contact us for more information

More info...

We love to receive photos and updates from our extended families and those whose lives we've touched in some way.

Wait List

Let us know if you'd like to be placed on our wait list for a future kitten

Our next planned litter will arrive in the fall.


Our cattery is located approximately 30 minutes north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We safely transport our kittens around the world and into your home.


Connect with me if you would like to be held in order on a wait list for future litters.  


New Genetic Testing!

UC Davis has discovered new markers and have created genetic screening for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in Bengals!

AkeeraBengal has had all of their cats screened. We have no positive cats.  None of our kittens will develop this.

PRA Information

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